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Natalie Mariduena's 2022 Photo Shoot in Belize

Natalie Mariduena
Η Natalie Mariduena φωτογραφίζεται στην Καραϊβική (Belize) για λογαριασμό του Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2022 και μας λέει:

«Today is over I'm so sad. It's a wrap on my second time shooting for SI. I'm so excited to see the final photos. We got so many shots in one single day it's absolutely crazy. Everyone was so amazing. The last location we shot at was a giant rock waterfall. The lighting was just hitting beautifully and we got so many different shots in different locations and different types of shots, and the bikini's were amazing so yeah, I'm excited, I'm so excited. I can't wait for the issue to come out.»

Πρόλογος τέλος, πάμε στο παρασύνθημα...

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