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Clara Fernandez - The Hottest Pole Vaulter | Bio, Career & Net Worth

Clara Fernandez
Clara Fernandez: 19χρονη Ισπανίδα αθλήτρια στίβου (άλμα επί κοντώ). Πολύ ταλαντούχα και εξίσου εμφανίσιμη. Το YouTube κανάλι Celeb Critics - Celebrity biographies, and news μας την παρουσιάζει (μέσω βίντεο) και μας λέει σχετικά:

«Clara Fernandez is a Spanish athlete known as a pole vaulter. Her exceptional athletic abilities catch the attention of both her fans and critics. The jaw-dropping moves Fernandez shows as a vaulter can leave anyone speechless.

She has such smooth techniques that she makes everything look so easy. But, don’t be fooled; many people train for years to be able to do what Clara does and still fail! Clara Fernandez is not only a renowned athlete but is a social media sensation.

She is pretty active on various social media platforms. Her beautiful smile and the toned figure have gained a large fan following. So we can say Clara Fernandez is already a star in the making.»

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