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The Story of Leroy Sané - Powered by 442oons

The Story of Leroy Sané
Η ποδοσφαιρική ιστορία του Λίροϊ Ζανέ ή Λερουά Σανέ (Leroy Sané) αρχίζει από το μακρινό 2001 και τα τμήματα υποδομής της ΣΓ Βάτενσαϊντ 09 (SG Wattenscheid 09). Η Bundesliga μας παρουσιάζει σε βίντεο την ιστορία του 26χρονου Γερμανού (ο πατέρας του είναι Γαλλοσενεγαλέζος και η μητέρα του Γερμανίδα) ποδοσφαιριστή της Μπάγερν Μονάχου.

Όλα αυτά υπό το πρίσμα και την οπτική των 442oons. Τι εστί 442oons; Σύντμηση των 4-4-2 (ποδοσφαιρικό σύστημα) και cartoons! "Animated football-related parodies, cartoons and pics!", όπως γράφουν και οι ίδιοι οι δημιουργοί.

Bundesliga: «Leroy Sané was born to excel in sports: His father was a Senegalese national football player and his mother won a bronze medal in rhythmic gymnastics at the 1984 Olympics. No wonder, then, that almost no one in the world handles the ball more elegantly than the Germany winger.

We tell you the story of Leroy Sané - powered by 442oons. From his debut at Schalke 04 to his journey back to the Bundesliga at FC Bayern München via England’s Premier League. What do you think? What else will Sané achieve? The great collaboration between the Official Bundesliga YouTube and 442oons started in 2017.

Since day one we’ve been bringing great content to you and allow you to experience the animated Bundesliga stars in a way you’ve never seen before! Hilarious songs and voting where your opinion counts - we want you involved, too!»

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