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Η τρίτη εμφάνιση της Venezia και η Theopisti Pourliotopoulou

Theopisti Pourliotopoulou
Όπως πέρυσι έτσι και φέτος η Ιταλική Βενέτσια (Venezia) εμπιστεύθηκε την Θεοπίστη Πουρλιοτοπούλου (Theopisti Pourliotopoulou) για την παρουσίαση (και) της τρίτης εμφάνισης - φανέλας.

Την φωτογράφηση ανέλαβε ο Έλληνας Χρήστος Κοντός (Chris Kontos). Η Ιταλική ομάδα (που θα αγωνίζεται στη Serie B φέτος, καθώς τερμάτισε τελευταία στην Serie A και υποβιβάστηκε) γράφει σχετικά σττην επίσημη ιστοσελίδα της (από την οποία προέρχονται και οι φωτογραφίες της παρούσης ανάρτησης):

«As the final piece in the new season's collection, Venezia have presented the 22/23 third shirt in an exquisite gold shade with black details.

The gold shirt is a natural extension of a visual narrative: the frequent use of gold from kit embellishments to other visuals has been an homage to the city’s gilded churches, monuments, and palazzi and the overall historical significance of gold in Venetian art and commerce going back to the Late Medieval and Early Renaissance periods, while the club’s recently restyled crest featured the winged lion of Saint Mark being returned to its traditional gold from the previous white.

In achieving a light gold tone with a subtle brilliance, the 22/23 third shirt has a luxurious look and feel.

The gold body is complemented with black details, and, in the same manner as Venezia’s 22/23 home shirt, the details are vintage football returned from the past to the present, namely the black collar with single-button closure and the long-sleeved option with black cuffs.

The shirt is finished with the club’s new crest in total black and the elegant Città di Venezia city script also in black.

Theopisti Pourliotopoulou
Theopisti Pourliotopoulou
Theopisti Pourliotopoulou

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