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Η Tami Donaldson ως sexy surfer (video)

Παρακολουθήστε ένα άκρως καλοκαιρινό time lapse video με την Tami Donaldson να φωτογραφίζεται σε κάποια εξωτική παραλία ως sexy surfer. Τι λες Manolo7, τα δαμάζει τα κύματα;

Bikini Team.TV: «Checkout this Tami Donaldson video from Behind the Scenes during her November 2013 Model of the Month Shoot with filmmaker John Neyrot and photographer Mike Erickson. This video of former Maxim Hometown Hottie Tami Donaldson was filmed on Fort Lauderdale Beach during sunrise.»

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